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Smiths City (Southern) Ltd is seeking to contact former employees who worked in a Smiths City store between 26 January 2010 and 8 May 2018, as they may be entitled to payment for attending staff meetings prior to their shifts commencing.

Former employees who believe they may be entitled to payment are requested to either email or call 0800 930 330 and provide the following information:

• Full name
• Current address, email and phone number
• Position
• The store where you were employed
• Dates of employment

Smiths City (Southern) Ltd will contact all applicants to advise the next steps in the claims process. Under the terms of the Employment Court ruling of 8 May 2018, those entitled to receive payment must have worked for Smiths City between the dates specified, worked shifts commencing at 9.00am, attended morning meetings and received a base hourly rate of pay close or equivalent to the minimum wage.

Valerie Wright
Group HR Manager | Smiths City Group