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The Group is committed to only utilising practices which will minimise environmental and social impact. It has embarked on a policy of actively identifying practices where the impact on the environment can be reduced.

The Group recycles materials extracted from washing machines and refrigerators, collects and properly disposes of refrigerant gases and recycles packaging cartons and printer cartridges. The Group also assists with recycling second hand goods through the operation of its chain of clearance centres. The Group supports the Product Stewardship Scheme as the most effective system to achieve removal of wastes created by televisions from landfill and achieving recycling wherever possible of such wastes.

The company has joined the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. EECA provides a New Zealand Energy Star rating in order to promote the brand and help consumers make informed decisions about energy efficient products.

The Group has sought and received assurances from its suppliers that furniture products imported from overseas are manufactured from timbers grown in sustainable forests and not rain forests. Smiths City is a member of the New Zealand Imported Tropical Timber Group. Members are committed to purchase wooden furniture produced only from renewable and sustainable timber.

The Group will continue to expand its practices to reduce waste and slow the use of primary resources.